Why Avalanchio

The Avalanchio platform gives you a complete solution to collect, process, and analyze security data to detect threats in real-time and analyze historical data using security DSL (domain-specific language) or SQL. You can deploy Avalanchio on the cloud or at your data center. Send data to the secure platform over HTTPS using Avananchio agent or SDK and take advantage of the easy-to-use UI to analyze your data and set up rules that would trigger in real-time when data comes onboard. Leverage existing parsers for various well-known formats, ruleset out of the box, or create your data models, parsing logic, and ruleset to fit your specific security analytics needs. Rules can be simple conditional statements based on the event data or create behavioral rules that examine historical trends of the particular variable associated with an entity or identity.

Product Features

Date Ingestion and Transformation
Transforms the data to bring meaning to any raw data
Streaming and Processing
We use streaming framework to process the data in near real time
We can search any data raw or enrich and see the super enrichment view
Easy to generate any dashboards for any rich visualization
Easy to generate any report and can be used for any date transformation
Stable Environment
Components are redundant to give stable environment with high resilience
We support more granular auditing
Scalable Design
Components are designed, used and developed to scale
Date Ingestion and Transformation
Components are designed and developed to give higher performance
Connectors to Data Lake
We have connectors to move the data to any existing Data Lake or any cloud storage for long term storage